Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Go there. Be there.

The serpent on the Rainbow Serpent Festival totem

Not sure what has happened in the last few days but I have been waiting for a long time now for some sort of realisation or perspective change and now I seem to have it (thank goodness). For the last 5 years I have been attending the Rainbow Serpent Festival and only this year I realised what I was really looking for in being at  the festival - the colour, the people, the music, the decorations, the food stalls and the atmosphere of friendship, goodwill, inspiring conversation and belonging.

 I live in Lexton Australia where the festival is held in the middle of a 200 acre sheep property in a valley with glorious red-gums and have been helping out with our Community stall at the festival and getting a ticket in lieu of my contribution. This year I did not have a ticket on the Friday the festival started and got myself in a "tizz" not wanting to have to ask for the ticket when the stall organisers were busy ( a whole other story).

Not getting the ticket really brought home how much I valued the festival and the thought of missing out almost sent me spiralling especially as a friend had their ticket for the Friday opening and I was left at home while she involved herself in the opening ceremony and smudging and had some beautiful photos to show me when she arrived back at my home 7 hours later.

I realised I wanted to be a part of it this year - a real part of it not just an observer taking photographs and standing watching the dancers moving to the music and looking at the recycled creative decorations.

 We live in an eclectic house with an eclectic garden made up of mostly recycled materials that we collect and play with. This mirrors so much of what the festival offers too.

Something clicked - something in my head said (and keeps saying) "bring the rainbow in to me".

I have taken this to mean - to create everything I love about the festival in my own day to day life

Up until now I realise I have been an observer of wonderful things happening at the festival and not a participant. I take photos, dance a little bit on the side – move and sway really – eat the lovely food and watch others having an amazing personal, spiritual like experience while I am on the sidelines looking on, watching.

I have not really, really participated yet know that this festival represents things I truly need in my life day to day – meditation, colour, creativity, beautiful simple food, interesting, thought provoking, life changing conversations.

Whatever I enjoy at the festival I need create for myself but also recognise it for the soul or spirit food that it is and what I so need and what I have been longing for.

Creativity and real living needs nourishment to sustain it. I feel like I have been slowly starving, not knowing how to feed myself for some time now.

Funnily enough, the first thing I did was to meditate to some music I already had downloaded as part of what I call a 'Gathering process' about 3 months ago. I felt an immediate internal shift-  I feel less restless and more grounded. 

One of my visions of how I have been wanting my my life to look was  seeing myself as a person who starts and ends the day with meditation and consequently is/feels more calm and more centred.

It has only been 3 days but it now seems right and fitting. The music I previously gathered is perfect. I have added this music to my Iphone and it is now available any time, anywhere I need it.

This is just my first step……………………………………but it feels so good to have been able to take it at last.

The music that I had previously gathered is  Rama da sa ……and ……May the long time sun

I have realised that  I had felt so empty of nourishment, knew what I needed but it was too hard to do. This all now seems so much easier

As my friend Lisa advised – possibly the Rainbow Serpent Festival is not about being there all the time but being able to tap into the spirit of everything that is possible when exposed to it physically, spiritually and psychologically.

The adventure will continue 

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