Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some thoughts today after sorting out my pictures and sayings for Are you serious? version 1 and going to get 100 copies created. Send a copy to Barbara Barber and Marita Ryan. It was at a coaching session with Marita that it was born. Sell Linton so I can create options to work less at COB and more on what I want to do. Continue writing my book - are you serious? NOt Just Housework - get this up and running. Look at the other books as well - RE and -I knew I was serious when. Sort out email address - would prefer anneholloway@. Book marks. Get stickers made for current blog and yahoo. Get a business card made.

Friday, September 10, 2010

energy is going in the wrong direction

Not much happening in the creative section at the moment. all energy used to survive the day at work and after and before with soul destroying work issues. A saying I found - "apathy is a solution for some". Another saying - "are you sparkling like a star or melting like a snowflake?"
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