Friday, September 28, 2012


Loving insects - beautiful like works of art 

where can I find these little people and these

some interesting questions

This is the cutest kitten

when imaginations run free


I find myself interested in faceless photos   and

Finding my people cos I know they are out there and

PINTEREST -  me    love this

Monday, September 17, 2012

More seriousness

I am serious about

putting all my creative ideas on blogs to keep them visible and easily accessible and encouraging a friend to do the same

trying different styles for each one

"changing the channel" faster  when I fixate on a problem area in my life  and spending more time on the "my new lifestyle" channel

setting my office up to be more creative and more "me"

finding my community both personally and via the web

trying different styles of photos after doing Susannah's photo meditations

making my bedroom look like this one at Ikea

and spending more time in our new kitchen which looks out in to the back garden

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are you developing new strengths or protecting your weaknesses?

Been tricky today  - thought I would "just" add the links to Susannah's website today using the buttons from her site. The first worked the second didn't. Aaaaaagh    Wasn't sure what I'd done the first time anyway and couldn't work out what I had done the second time.  Thought I was doing the same thing  - obviously not -   I have fiddled around for hours now competing with the internet that keeps closing down as reception in my small town is iffy at the best of times and especially so today!!!!!
But wondering about how everyone else doing the course is going and feeling their strength and purpose all around the world I settled down (a number of times ) and the job is done.
Thanks for the group hug -   keep at it everyone as each baby step is so worth it in so many ways.  I am serious 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Just the best

I am in awe of the blogs we are creating  from   Susannah's e-course 
We come from all walks of life and many countries.
We are all following a common path
and all creating or re-invigorating blogs at the moment.
We have been given the gift of looking through our own eyes
 and those of others while doing so.  
It is so much fun and uplifting :)

I wish we could all sit down together - how fantastic would that be?

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