Friday, April 11, 2014

Surprising connections across the great divide

While gathering my journals and writing tools together to enable me to keep them together when I am not at home I made the most amazing connection. I 'rediscovered' and repurposed my Dad's work case (he died over 30 years ago). It has a removable file case in it to hold lots of creative bits and pieces.
I also have repurposed my Mum's compendium that she had before she was married ( in 1952) as it has her maiden name initials embossed on it. Mum died 2 years ago in June. This compendium is the most handy size to have with me every day to hold a notebook to capture thoughts, words and sayings.
I have also added their magnifying light in to the case as well as sometimes by the end of the day writing is harder to read! This has been the loveliest connection imaginable. I am wondering what Mum used it for when she was young as later in life it was for bill paying. Funnily enough when I recently acquired reading glasses I resurrected Mum's cases that I also kept and am now using these as the ones supplied were too bulky for the bag I use daily - lovely how this has all worked out

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