Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White rabbit

Thought I was chasing the white rabbit trying to get bigpond to work at Lexton. Lovely technician came yesterday to sort it out. Accomplishing tasks daily at the moment. Telstra day yesterday and also final layout for Are you serious? version two. PT last night and going to go twice a week till Christmas to up the ante for getting fitter and stronger.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A dream coming true

Taking my book to the printer to today to arrange to have 100 copies printed!!!! Very exciting !! Also finalising the second book - just waiting on a photo. This has been some time (3 years in the process - first I had the sayings and was wondering how to put a book together with illustrations or something - then I took photographs and then I realised that I was the illustrator of my book!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Another Jamie dinner - pork, pears and parsnips. Quite a lovely (and different combination). Went to Melbourne to visit Kay and go to South Melbourne market. Bustling and fun. So much delicious food available. Pity we live so far away and nothing to compare in Ballarat. Got Talia's sashimi tuna, goats cheeses, turkish bread, pate, coriander pesto. Also checked out Cosko's. Huge area and quite daunting but lots of possibilities for inexpensive presents. Bought some bread and met Lola Berry - good ideas for healthier living in her book that Kay bought. Feel ready for healthier eating and enjoying good food again as it has been along time since I enjoyed food after my candida, bloating and stress issues

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I was inspired after watching the movie Julie and Julia. Julie cooked all 524 of Julia's recipes in 365 days, kept a blog, wrote a book and then the movie was made. Something about cooking fascinates me, I tear out pages from magazines, buy food magazines and cookbooks but rarely use them. Mmmmm.... why? Another example of no-one tells me what to do - not even me!!

Also I watched Jamie Oliver's travels in Italy and again was inspired by the episode at the monastery. The monastery was famous for it's cooking and herb garden spanning back centuries. Jamie was disappointed in the food the monks ate - mostly processed and the herb garden had been decimated - the monks didn't have time - prayers mostly I presume. Anyway, jamie decided to cook for and with them and what a difference that made for the monks. I decided I would cook from his recipe book and this was my first attempt - I used thin bacon instead of prosciutto but it still tasted absolutely delicious. The lentils, lemon and herb will become one of my favourite side dishes. I went out and bought more herbs today to plant. It was a lovely feelinglast night picking parsley, coriander and mint and using linda's lemons.
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