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I have a vision of myself in a little boat floating somewhere at sea. It is night. I am not afraid or lost or in any harm. Just floating happily alone in my boat with a little light, some paper, a pen, music and some books

I watch the approach of a huge ocean liner. It is lit up magically and looks so beautiful ,floating in the distance. Something stirs inside me

I think of the people onboard, all excited at the prospect of the voyage, dinner, the evening and all the activities ahead of them.

I feel a slight stab of envy as I imagine all the wonderful evening dresses being worn, men is evening attire, beautiful meals, conversations and dancing – everything organised and planned – people in their seats at tables, talking to the people next to them that they may or may not know and may or may not see again

But if I had to change places I wouldn’t - I couldn’t

I slowly look around me and see other lights…………other people in little boats with little lights considering the same liner

Slowly….. some of the little boats move closer to one another and connect for a while and then move on – maybe they will arrange to meet again, maybe they won’t

This is the connection that I need, that means more to me, gives me more, allows me to give more and allows me to be myself

All these connections help me unravel what life and real connection is and can be

All these connections help me to understand how to act rather than react

All these interactions help me to consider what I am serious about and what I’m not

All these connections are life giving and heart warming


Possibly this is how I imagine a connection?

Tree Camping Elk, California - Eden Movement



  1. This is so beautifully written Anne- absolutely poetic- I hope your journey is one filled with meaningful connections :)


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