Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grace journey

And another one - well actually two - still practising as a journey to grace but having trouble - will still keep focussing on it though as I can feel something changing

Serious pumpkins

Last year saw Turks Turban pumpkins at   Heronswood and decided I loved them and wanted some.

Well here they are and there are more ripening -  I was serious!!!!

Anything you've been serious about lately??

Are you aware of when you need community motivation or are you focussed and able to do it on your own?

Talia and I are going to run the Mothers Day classic at Geelong - 4km or 8km walk or run. I have started training again and jogged 4ks on Monday and did squats on the way as well. I felt really good when I had finished. I am looking at and thinking about my motivations - seems when there is a community aspect (company – real or others doing their own thing in the same space)) I am more motivated to do certain things. This is especially true when running - I prefer to run/walk around the Lake where there are others doing their thing as well, than running somewhere by myself. This is not true all the time but a large part of keeping it up is. I am wondering what the question that goes with this is?

Are you aware of when you need community motivation or are you focussed and able to do it on your own?

I think dieting for me also requires community – weight watchers etc. Photography does not. Creating my books does not – but I do appreciate feedback.

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