Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Been feeling a lot of resistance lately. I have been trying to figure out why it drains me of energy and I can't remember my passion - it disappears. I tend to not plan and feel that this is a huge problem as I drift between all sorts of things and projects during the day, which I now better understand is Resistance. I also tend to want to do too many things and don't choose to sit and complete or work on one for a period of time. They all seem to compete and nothing substantial is done. Possibly something to do with being a Gemini?  I don't like planning and have never really been one - except for practical things - not for creative things ...mmmmm. I find I am writing more lists lately of things to do and that need to be done if I am to move forward creatively and therefore personally. I am enjoying reading The War of Art and finding strategies to become more structured in my creative time. Partly I feel that this is not my "job" and I "should" be doing something more "productive" or helping in our garden etc . not "playing" ....mmm again. I need to rethink my perspective on what I enjoy doing!!

A good thing though is that I did receive my "business" cards, magnets and note pad that i had to work through in a previous post "what is going on?"    I feel the words "business cards" are the wrong words to use at this point - I will remove the word business and just call them cards as they can be given out for a number of reasons - not just "business".

I feel better about this now.

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