Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What is going on??

Not sure what's happening right now. Yesterday I decided to create  a business card based around "Are you serious?" with my name, photo, email address and blog address. I thought it would be a good idea as I am meeting different people now I am on long service leave and after talking to them they are often curious about my blog and my book blog and this is a way of networking and letting them have a look at what I do. As I was creating it through I felt my inner critic rise. Who do you think you are? Who is interested in what you do? Who will buy your books? What do you think you are doing? You will be a laughing stock. How pretentious etc.  I sat with the voice and kept going. I have used the picture that is on my blog - the one of me sipping from a bottle of beer. Again the voice rose - what kind of picture is that?  What will people think ..... ongoing. I like that photo. I am not a beer drinker normally but it was a very hot day and I was at the Lexton family fun day and someone took this photo. I don't seem to be photogenic but this side on view intrigues me. I like it. So I continued on and ordered the cards.

Today I went to pick up my master copy of my second book from Cheryl - a hairdresser - who has ordered more than 20 of my books as gifts and she ordered 3 more of "Are you serious?" version 1 and pre-ordered 2 copies of "Are you serious?" version 2 which is still to be printed. Last week I had sold her 2 copies and another friend sold 1 as well.

For some reason I am not believing in myself and need to find out why - this will be ongoing - if anyone reads this and can offer any comment or advice I would greatly appreciate it


  1. Anne - Kudos for ordering your business cards (another serious step). I don't know why you are not believing in yourself, but as a life coach we believe that those we coach have the answers and we are trained to ask questions that lead them to those answers. In keeping with this, I would ask you:
    What would it take for you to believe in yourself?
    What would that look like?
    How would you like to begin living out believing in yourself?

    1. Thanks Terry - I have looked at your questions and sort of shut down when trying to answer them. Will continue to look and find an answer as there seems to be a lot of resistance there - much appreciated


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