Thursday, October 4, 2012

The younger me

Looking in my mirror
I’m not sure who I see.
Someone is looking back
could it be me?
I look at her face
and into her eyes.
Does she recognize me
or am I a surprise?
I look at her deeply
I look at her long.
I know we’re connected
that feeling is strong.

The me on the outside,
the me deep within -
how to connect them,
how to begin?
When people connect
with the person that’s me -
what do they relate to -
what is it they see?

Me on the inside
is all over the place.
Who do they relate to
when they look at my face?
        OCT 2001         



  1. Very cute photos. I love your poem and relate completely with it.

  2. Thank you - it does seem difficult sometimes


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