Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Playing with effects - my lounge

How weird not getting Susannah's emails anymore as her e-course has ended - I think I have withdrawals as I so looked forward to receiving them at 5pm weeknights. So many ideas happening that I am finding it difficult to keep any structure in my blog at the moment - I was a bit overwhelmed at everything but think I will just keep going I realise I can restructure anything/everything at any time and also the blog is really for me and to get all "my stuff" into one place and then see where the journey takes me - rather than dictate the journey at the start. - another blog started (really a book but allows me to play a little and watch it unfold) -
I created the second one under/ in my first one using Blogger - not sure how all that works -
Been a bit spurred on today - thought I wasn't getting anywhere - no plan - all over the place as in previous post - but have started second blog (mentioned before ) and got my second book of "Are you serious?" on as an e-book (see side bar)  - Amazon next!!- have let go of the outcome of all that is happening at the moment and just seeing where "it" goes - lovely to see my book on my Ipad ( 2 now) - thanks everyone from the blogging from the heart for your ongoing blog insights into your challenges, triggers, wallowing, rethinking and triumphs that reinforce that how I feel is how a lot of others feel too - yeah to Susannah too for the inspiration

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