Saturday, August 11, 2012

What am I serious about?

I woke up this morning with some ideas in my head. Before sleeping I ask the universe to help me put some of my thoughts, ideas and questions together in a meaningful way for my blog and for me and anyone else who is interested. This morning it was the question - "What am I serious about?". At first I didn't come up with very much and was feeling very uncomfortable about this. But as the day has continued I am coming up with more answers. They are not the answers I was necessarily looking for but they are enlightening me as to who I am and what I am interested in.

I am serious about -
my cats, being responsible for my finances - paying bills, having savings and paying my mortgage.
looking at and enjoying images, being aware and delighted by all the creativity in the world as seen  here especially. Growing vegetables initially for fun but now for more self sufficiency and health.
understanding the differences between real conversations and interactions that inflame. I am serious about following as I find Susannah's site inspiring and delicious to ponder over. I am serious about enjoying technology that allows me to have fun with photos and words. It amazes me how I will  persist to get it working but have trouble using the cappuccino maker. I am serious about my son and daughter and am available to them as much as possible as I so enjoy their company. I am serious about decorating our home with quirky things and then re-decorating and moving things around. I am serious now about orange which I have avoided all my life.

The list is now ongoing and it will be interesting to see how it pans out over the next few days as I add to it. It is not taking me where I originally intended it go to but I am intrigued by what is coming to mind and unfolding.

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